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Ride that wave, take your surfari.

Are you struggling with happiness? Are you struggling with success? Or Both? Are you struggling to determine what you really want out of life? Do you feel like you can’t be happy all the time, and it is frustrating? What do you really want? Maybe you fee like you’re drifting out on your board and there’s no waves to be caught, and you’re here now because you want to fix that!

Part of living a healthy and happy life revolves around you creating your own waves and becoming the surfer and person that you want. Nobody can control you when you really want to feel great about your life. SilvrStrand’s programs teaches you how to use a new set of tools and creates new patterns in your life for you to feel IN CONTROL of your life and WANT TO LIVE a happy existence. You can LEARN TO ACHIEVE all of your life’s dreams.

When you learn to ENJOY LIVING NOW, you beginning the important transition to learning to DREAM BIG and ACHIEVE RESULTS without the terrible burden of frustration. When you increase your enjoyment of life, you increase the success and find NEW OPPORTUNITIES that you may never have thought possible.

To accomplish this new vision for your self, you need to REMOVE BLOCKING PATTERNS and create new success patterns as part of your personal development plan. SilvrStrand’s programs help. It’s worth every bit of money to have a LIFE YOU BELIEVE. We’re excited to have you become part of a new way of life, a life full of SURFING YOUR WAVE, in and out of the water.

What we’re offering are the tools and techniques to EMPOWER YOURSELF to create the life you dream about. When you’re surfing, you need to have the right board and have a coach that can teach you to SURF THE WAVES you create for yourself. You don’t have to be alone in your journey, but take the shortcut by allowing SilvrStrand’s programs to guide you on your journey. It’s worth every day and week you put into living a purposeful and happy life.

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Learn to Achieve Success and Happiness Effortlessly

SilvrStrand Membership called eSurf

Some say surfers are life happy because they learn to enjoy life out on the wave.  Once you surf, it hooks you and keeps you coming back for more. The SilvrStrand membership provides a step by step lesson plan for you to transform your life. In addition, new modules and new lessons are added regularly. Also, I do provide live and recorded sessions that we cover specific topics ranging from business to personal changes.

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Discover a MUST read book

Surf For Your Success by Brian Dawson

Surfing is a way of life that transcends beyond the waves and soaks into the core of our existence. Those laws of surfing, which tells us how fast to paddle, when to pop up on our board, or even how long to hold our breath when struggling to reach the surface, can and do apply to any situation in our lives whether it be work, relationships, school, health, or anything.

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Need direct help?

SilvrStrand Personal and Professional Coaching

Take advantage of direct 1:1 coaching sessions to accelerate and taylor your life to your dreams and desires. I personally work with you and lay out a plan for you to achieve the success of your dreams. I use years of experience and cutting edge techniques and strategies to enable you to be successful.

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Are you scared, anxious, or fear success?

Boo! Do you procrastinate and find all the reasons why you can’t do something? Have you ever really considered that you may be scared or fearful of success? Do you find yourself never taking responsibility?

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Are you depression and sad in life?

Are you stuck underneath the water feeling like you are drowning in your own life? Almost like an unbelievably strong riptide is pulling you away from your goals. Are you depressed? Is your board broke and you can’t surf your life anymore?

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Are you confused and lost in life?

Hello? Where are you? Does it seem that you’ve been drifting out at sea without any real motivation or direction? How does it feel to contribute nothing to your own life? Do you feel like you’re trying to surf on a stormy, windy day with lots of chop or does it feel like it’s flat and dull? Can you feel anything? Are you numb? Hello?

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Are you angry, frustrated, or mad at life?

Why are you so mad? Are you actually blaming someone for your anger or taking responsibility for the belief you put on the anger? Or are you frustrated with yourself for not doing more? Or because you keep failing and don’t believe in yourself? What is it? What causes anger and what do you blame anger on to take away responsibility?

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